About Us

The Floral Decorator is a boutique store that opened its doors January 2000 in Erskineville Village. We have recently had a make over – new look, new logo, new branding and we love it! The motto for the shop is “there is something for everyone and every budget“, with our focus on seasonal, abundant, hand selected and market fresh, with care and respect for every flower to ensure the best longevity. We love to create arrangements, bouquets, design for extravagant events and beautiful weddings, all with individual care, creativity, style and grace.


Meet The Team!

Kelly Thomas


Kelly started her Flower Journey at the tender age of 15 in Melbourne, where she was very fortunate to work with and learn from wonderful, passionate open-hearted people. The journey took her to Europe and to discover a whole new world where magic happened. Working under masters in Germany, designers in London, Parisian front-liners, she learned respect for flowers, appreciation for style and watching a event unfold. From the flower markets to composing and watching a room come to life with a design, theme and a talented passionate team, it was a whirlwind experience that is still with her today.

“Opening The Floral Decorator was a dream come true. It has been such a pleasure to be able to put my passion, energy and abilities to an enviroment that has flourished. From a purchased single rose, to beautiful weddings, fantastic events, to welcoming babies and to the passings, all have been such a honour and priveledge to service and create. In 2006 I had my delightful daughter Charli Lotus Lili – she keeps me grounded and inspired! Its a pleasure to be part of this community and watch it grow as we have. I LOVE WHAT DO!!!!”

Catherine Allen

Catherine Allan

My journey as a florist is still young, and ever evolving (after having a career change, as I wanted to embrace my creative side) I can now say “I love what I do”.

“I love working with such a wonderful team, as we are always learning and creating new and individual arrangements. Kelly stocks the most beautiful and in season flowers and foliages allowing each day to feel like a new day all over again. I am so glad I have the opportunity to work in such a vibrant boutique store.”

Jana Bolt

Jana Bolt

I have been working as a florist for the past ten years, and was lucky enough to join the Floral Decorator team just one year ago.

“I am still blown away every day by the amazing quality of flowers Kelly gets in. She really does have an eye for the most high quality, exquisite and unique flowers. Every season bringing something new. Each day I walk into the shop I feel as if I am walking into a magical fairyland, filled with so much beauty!!”

Lucy Durland

Lucy Durland

I’ve always had a passion for art with one of my main inspirations being nature so being able to explore my creative side each day is a blessing!

“I am lucky to have been given the opportunity to work alongside other florists who are continuously teaching and inspiring me. Kelly is great at purchasing beautiful, fresh and in season flowers so market days are always exciting! Should I say some thing about how I love dogs?”